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Water Damage Things to Watch for

11/5/2022 (Permalink)

water damage If you have water damage in your home or business call SERVPRO of Delray Beach.

Water Damage Things to Watch for

Water damage is a major concern for homeowners, but it can strike at any time and from any number of sources. The longer that excess water remains in your home, the worse it will get, so respond quickly to problems. There are several ways you can control water damage before it gets out of hand. Here are some things you should know about water damage:

Water Damage Can Be Devastating

Water damage can be a very serious matter. Although most of us don’t typically think about it, the truth is that water damage can have a lasting impact on your home and belongings. Water damage can lead to mold growth, structural issues with your home, and even health concerns if left untreated.

When you are faced with this kind of crisis situation it is important that you act quickly in order to minimize any further damage to yourself or your property.

Water Damage Comes from Anywhere at Any Time

This can range from a leaky roof to an overflowing bathtub to a burst pipe. It's important to be aware of the dangers of water damage and have a plan in place for what to do if it occurs. You don't want to find yourself without options when things go wrong!

The most obvious source is rain or snow that finds its way into your home through gaps in the roof or walls. The best thing you can do here is to make sure everything is sealed tight so that no water gets inside at all!

Another common cause is clogged drains, which can lead to backflow into other parts of your house—like under sinks or behind appliances—and eventually damage them beyond repair if left unchecked for too long. This kind of work is important. When left untouched, water can cause some serious problems, including increased cost of repairs and potential health issues.

As you can imagine, the longer that excess water remains in your home, the more damage it will do. The result of this is wood rot, which is harmful to your home and may cause structural damage if left untreated. Another problem that can arise from leaving water in your house for too long is electrical fires. Electrical fires are extremely dangerous and can quickly become very serious due to their speed of spread and intensity.

Steps to Take Once Water Starts Entering Your Property

There are several ways you can control water damage before it gets out of hand.

  • Turn off the water supply to the leak. If you see a pipe leaking or hear gurgling, turn off the valve or knob in order to stop the flow of water and prevent further damage.
  • Stop the flow of water by covering any open drains with towels or rags and shutting down faucets if possible (some older faucets may not have shut-off valves). If your basement has a sump pump and it's running, turn it off immediately; otherwise, your basement will fill up with water very quickly!
  • Remove any wet items from the area where they're being damaged by moisture (i.e., carpet, wood floors), which could lead to mold growth if left untreated for too long."

Call the Professionals

You’re not alone. Every year, thousands of homeowners experience water damage in their homes or businesses. And when it happens, you should be sure to call a professional water restoration company or contractor when you notice larger issues to avoid further damage.

At the same time, however, there are some preventive measures that can help prevent water from causing damage in the first place. If there are any signs that your home has been exposed to water (such as standing puddles or mold growth), contact us right away so we can assess your situation and establish a plan of action together.

There are lots of water damage-related things you should be aware of. From leaks and flooding in the home to sewage water, there are a lot of ways water can cause problems. You need to respond quickly when you notice small issues in your Delray Beach home or business, so they don't turn into larger ones. Give SERVPRO of Delray Beach a call!

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