Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Fungal Growth Takes Over a Ceiling in Delray Beach.

All mold needs to grow is moisture, warmth and a food source - mold thrives on wet porous materials. In this residential home located in Delray Beach, mold grow... READ MORE

Hidden Mold Found in Delray Beach, Florida.

This family home in Delray Beach, Florida experienced mold growth inside their wall after an unsuspecting pipe leak was found. When the discovery was made, bot... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in a Delray Beach Residential Home

This residential fire cleanup in Delray Beach was the result of an electrical problem inside a dishwasher unit. Thankfully the fire was contained quickly, but i... READ MORE

Mold Formation in a Delray Beach Bedroom Closet

SERVPRO of Delray Beach was called out to a residential home located in Delray Beach, for mold growth found inside of a custom cabinetry closet Upon inspection ... READ MORE

Mold Takes Over Delray Beach Bathroom.

Mold can be very invasive, and not treating it properly can cause a lot of headache in the future. This homeowner did not realize the extent of damage that was ... READ MORE

Significant Fungal Growth in Delray Home Due to Poor Ventilation

This mold remediation was performed in a Delray Beach home. It was left closed up for over a year while the homeowner stayed in New York on business. It had ver... READ MORE